Whenever a new concept comes to market, one of the hardest tasks of the founding company is gaining client traction. Everyone wants to wait until everyone else is using it and for anything to take off, someone has to jump first!

This is where you turn to the innovators – the companies who don’t follow the heard but rather lead by example, and in our case, this fell to the team at FDM Group. FDM is a company that was born through innovation and it is something that has led them to become one of the largest graduate employers in the UK, hiring over 1000 graduates across the digital space.

When hiring in such volume, tens of thousands of candidates come through the doors at FDM and Final Stage is enabling the hiring teams to give something back to those who spend a lot of time with the company, but ultimately come up short when the final decisions are made.

It’s great to see a top graduate employer championing candidate experience and they are already reaping the rewards having successfully sourced talent from the shared pool.

A big thanks from the Final Stage Team 👍

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