Let’s face it, no one likes getting rejected. Whether it’s by a company, a connection on LinkedIn, or a classmate that you’ve had a crush on since primary school. It’s a bitter pill to swallow; and when you consider that every unsuccessful candidate is a potential future hire, online reviewer, customer, or even client, it’s important that hiring managers do everything in their power to lessen the blow when breaking the bad news to a candidate; ensuring that they walk away from the process with a positive perception of the brand.

Many firms rely on ‘positive framing’ for this, letting a candidate know that “all the candidates have been really strong this year” and yes, this is better than being told that you sucked, however it’s become so common amongst companies that much of the time it comes across as insincere. Remember, these are candidates that have spent hours researching the ins and outs of your company to the point that they probably know more about the 2018 predicted growth rates than yourself. They have likely spent time and money travelling to and from the office being challenged at various different stages of your process.

Rather than simply sugar coating a rejection email, Final Stage are enabling companies to go a whole step further with their candidate experience, by inviting those who just miss out on a role (your so called “silver medallists”), to a community where they can quickly find similar positions, in similar industries. No skin off your back, but such a gesture will go a long way in maintaining brand perception; increasing the likelihood of them reapplying to your company in the future, increasing the likelihood of them leaving a great review on Glassdoor, increasing the likelihood of them continuing to use your products or services, the list goes on.

And the best part about it is that it’s not only the candidates who benefit. Final Stage enables employers to keep in touch with talent that they’ve previously invited to the platform, allowing them to re-engage later down the line and the platform works both ways, so by sharing talent to the platform, a hiring manager, in turn, gets access to the platform, making their job a whole lot easier when searching for future hires. A win-win.

So have a think about how far you are currently going to ensure candidates are leaving your process with a positive perception of the brand and whether more can be done to benefit everyone involved.

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